What Sets Thailand Apart: Attractions Unique to the Country

Thailand is a heavily commercialized nation, and the economy of the country depends strongly on the incoming flow of tourists, so it makes sense that Thailand would offer some, if not most of the entertainment that tourists expect to find at any popular place. However, there are certain unique attractions to the Southeast Asian country that set it apart from the rest, and we are going to take a look at some of them next.

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Experiencing Hell in Wang Saen Suk, Chonburi

Let’s start the list off with a place that’s as unique as it is bizarre, to say the least. Wang Saen Suk is a Hell Garden, if that term even makes sense! To put it simply, it’s a garden that’s filled with statues and depictions of what hell is supposed to be like in the Buddhist religion.

While the depictions created by a monk are quite disturbing, they are not particularly scary during the day and yet offer a macabre and unique experience, quite unlike modern western horror houses with their dark alleys and jump scares.

Spending Time with Elephants in Chiang Mai

A time came when the elephant population in the country was severely endangered due to the effects of modernization, poaching and animal abuse. Thanks to the love for elephants and the connection that the Thai share with them to date, the protective elephant sanctuaries were formed to save the domesticated elephants.

The Chiang Mai Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is known as the best elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai because of their ethical treatment of the gentle giants and their cute offspring. Visit the place to have an experience unique only to caring elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, as you play, bathe, pet and snap pictures with the beautiful creatures. Unethical elephant sanctuaries are aplenty in Chiang Mai, so do be careful of places that keep their elephants in chains and offer rides, because you will end up supporting elephant abuse unknowingly, just by going to them.

Visit Buddha at the Wat Pha Sorn Kaew, Khao Kho

The Temple on the Glass Cliff (Wat Pha Sorn Kaew) is nothing like any other Buddhist temple that you have seen anywhere else. Once you manage to reach the top of the cliff in Khao Kho, you will instantly be blown away by the architecture first, and then the natural serenity and beauty of the surrounding views.

There are five depictions of the five incarnations of Buddha in one single statue, which is bright white in color, just like most of the temple itself. It was constructed in the year 2004, so this isn’t exactly an ancient structure, but its modern construction is what makes it unique, alongside the stunning architecture and the downright gorgeous mountaintop setting.

These are not the only unique attractions in Thailand, but if you want to take the road off the beaten path and enjoy some of what is truly unique about Thailand, this is a great list to follow nonetheless.