The World’s Best Cruising Regions

If you find your mind wanders off to somewhere hot and sunny when you’re sitting at your desk typing away, it’s time for a well-earned break. What better way to get away from it all then with a relaxing, all-inclusive cruise across some of the most incredible scenery in the world. Want to sail away but don’t know where to go? Take a look at our list of the world’s best cruising regions:

The Mediterranean

There’s no better way to kick back and soak up the sun like a cruise around the Med. Thanks to the diverse range of sought-after destinations, there’s practically nowhere in the Mediterranean that a cruise can’t take you. The most popular route departs from Barcelona, taking you through Rome, Athens and then finally to Istanbul. This tour covers it all, from historical sites to beautiful sandy beaches. Not to mention the culinary feats you’ll be treated to while on-board.


Alaska cruises have proven to be so popular because they can grant you access to landscapes that are otherwise virtually impossible to get to (without an intrepid hike or two). From the comfort of the ship, you’ll be exposed to dramatic glaciers, monumental mountains and amazing wildlife. The most common route here is from Seattle through to Vancouver and then onto Alaska. The best season to catch a cruise to Alaska is from early May to September.

The Caribbean

The undeniable allure of the Caribbean is enough to entice thousands of visitors each year, some who even make their visit permanent with a spouse visa extension. It’s not hard to see why many tourists want to call this place their home, with a warm sunny climate and pristine beaches. Each of the eastern, western and southern cruises offer something different, so there really is a cruise to cater for everyone. Try the Puerto Rico cruise which departs from Miami, heads to Cape Canaveral and Ft Lauderdale, before going through Galveston to reach San Juan, Puerto Rico.

New Zealand and Australia

It’s no wonder than immigration lawyers are frequently instructed to help expats make their way to New Zealand and Australia. Life “down under” seems to offer a wealth of pros for sun seekers. A cruise here is seen as the most cost effective way to see the very best of Australia and New Zealand. It’s a great cruise for travellers of all ages, as you’ll have access to a mix of adventure, culture and plenty of outdoor activities. The best route departs from Sydney, through Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide before finishing in Auckland, New Zealand.


The Antarctic is a nature lovers paradise. It’s one of the few destinations in the world that remains untouched by humans, where visitors can truly sit back in awe at the area’s natural beauty. You’ll be treated to sightings of penguins, whales and seals as you make your way through the peaks and icebergs that make Antarctica so special. Depart from Argentina, through Chile and finish in New Zealand.