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who we are &
how it works

ybr is committed to serving business elites by tailored suits and shirts with high-end fabrics and handcrafts at the most reasonable price. we have served over one million business elites since dec. 2014. ybr is the leading tailor service provider in china who is famous for its free door-to-door service and the most reasonable price. there are 47 branches in china. we’ll go to the office or hotel as you appointed.

all you need to do is to make an appointment online, then our well-trained tailors will come and collect your body data.also, they'll bring the fabric samples and provide professional dressing advice for you according to your body shape and wearing occasions.

after confirming your order, you can pay by credit card, debit card, paypal, wechat & alipay. bespoke tailoring within 12 working days, your apparel will be shipped to china, north america, europe, australia & south africa via sf or dhl within 3-5 days.

we offer free shipping on orders over $500. on orders under $500, we only provide free shipping within china via sf. for overseas orders under $500, we’ll charge $50 as the shipping fee. for orders over $800, you will get an extra custom shirt for free.


* for orders shipping to the us and australia, you won't have to pay any additional customs charges.

* for addresses outside of the us and australia, all required taxes/ vat/ import/ excise duties are the sole responsibility of the recipient in their specific country.

well-trained tailor offers free

door-to-door service, one person

one custom bespoke style.

fine hand-crafted & luxury material

fashionable and classic fabric.

30% price enjoy the same quality

selected fabric as luxury brand.


fractionally formal

mixing formal styles with casual fabrics will give your look a whole new dimension.


professional business style,on selected suits&shirts with luxury fabric.


elegant visual effect, just for you.

machine washable

path to a perfect fit with no compromises.

selected fabrics from 5 top brands in the world

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