3 Keys To Relaxing on Vacation

Vacations are good for you. People who take vacations are less likely to have heart problems, more likely to get quality sleep, and often experience a remarkable reduction in chronic stress. Your employer benefits too, in reduced employee sick time and increased job productivity. However, the key to making the most of your precious vacation days is to make sure you can really unwind. Here are three keys to doing just that.

Travel to a Chill Destination

Whirlwind tours and theme parks have their place, but when you need to relax and refresh, choose a destination that will allow you to enjoy free time. Beachfront locations like bald head island rentals in North Carolina are perfect for encouraging downtime. With no bustling city life and not a car on the island you can devote your time to birdwatching, kayaking or simply meandering along one of the 14 miles of … Read More

5 Of Europe’s Most Relaxing Beaches For Rest And Relaxation

Relaxing is key when going on holiday, however, it can be difficult to do so when the beaches are crowded and there are a large number of people all staying in your resort. However, there are a number of beaches that are relatively unknown that you can enjoy helping you to stay relaxed even when travelling at peak times. So before you book you apply for your Ehic card and hop on the next flight, allow us to show you 5 beaches for you to enjoy for the ultimate relaxing holiday.

Perissa Beach, Santorini

Located at the base of Mesa Vouno Mountain, this beach is truly unique. With black volcanic rich sand, you can relax and unwind and enjoy the heat of the sand as well as the warm Grecian sun. In addition to this, there are some activities for you to take part in when visiting here such as … Read More

What Sets Thailand Apart: Attractions Unique to the Country

Thailand is a heavily commercialized nation, and the economy of the country depends strongly on the incoming flow of tourists, so it makes sense that Thailand would offer some, if not most of the entertainment that tourists expect to find at any popular place. However, there are certain unique attractions to the Southeast Asian country that set it apart from the rest, and we are going to take a look at some of them next.

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Experiencing Hell in Wang Saen Suk, Chonburi

Let’s start the list off with a place that’s as unique as it is bizarre, to say the least. Wang Saen Suk is a Hell Garden, if that term even makes sense! To put it simply, it’s a garden that’s filled with statues and depictions of what hell is supposed to be like in the Buddhist religion.

While the depictions created by a monk are … Read More