What Every Foodie Should Know About Vacationing in Thailand

Are you planning your very first vacation in Thailand? If you are a foodie, then you are in for a real treat! There is nothing quite as exciting as Thai cuisine, but you have to know what to eat and drink and what you should avoid as well. Having said that, the one thing you can always count on is the fact that Thai food is naturally aromatic, spicy and sweet. Even so, there’s more to dining in Thailand than just the native dishes, so here is a quick primer to get you ready for your upcoming vacation in foodie paradise.

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Beware Your American Table Manners!

Oddly, many people go to Thailand expecting to see people eating with chopsticks. There are some areas, like Chinatown in Bangkok where this might be the case, but if you are staying in a five-star Phuket Patong hotel, you will … Read More