5 Of Europe’s Most Relaxing Beaches For Rest And Relaxation

Relaxing is key when going on holiday, however, it can be difficult to do so when the beaches are crowded and there are a large number of people all staying in your resort. However, there are a number of beaches that are relatively unknown that you can enjoy helping you to stay relaxed even when travelling at peak times. So before you book you apply for your Ehic card and hop on the next flight, allow us to show you 5 beaches for you to enjoy for the ultimate relaxing holiday.

Perissa Beach, Santorini

Located at the base of Mesa Vouno Mountain, this beach is truly unique. With black volcanic rich sand, you can relax and unwind and enjoy the heat of the sand as well as the warm Grecian sun. In addition to this, there are some activities for you to take part in when visiting here such as … Read More

Capture your own Summer!

It’s BBQ season! Grab the deckchairs, throw the charcoal on the grill and light it up. It might even stay sunny long enough to give you enough time for that first deserving bite of your tasty burger. Alas, we’re firmly in the country that shares the words of warning, ‘Don’t make plans outdoors’. It’s the same reason why year on year, British families, couples and friends venture further afield to extend that much-needed sunshine and relaxation. But holidays year on year can be pricey, and affordable choices don’t always hit the mark on location or even on facilities.

So how else can you capture your own summer? A popular choice for Brits looking abroad is to keep flight costs down and flight times short. Not only to keep things cheap, but to keep holiday travel to minimal hassle. So, we’re not talking getting into debt for that one-off holiday to … Read More