4 Romantic Destinations For Summer 2019

When it comes to holidays, especially if you’re travelling with your loved one, picking the right destination could be tricky: are you on a tight budget? Are you late with your bookings and you’ve got no idea on where to go? Don’t you worry, these are the absolute top 4 destinations you can pick if you’re struggling.

Los Angeles

The city of angels is definitely an amazing pick for the creative couple who loves “Instagram-ready” places, with amazing sceneries and (possibly) the best nightlife you can possibly imagine. Of course, with every pro comes a major con: not only LA (especially if you live in the UK) is 10 (or more) hours away from Europe, but it’s also extremely expensive, either from a renting point of view and from a nightlife-related one. If the long flight doesn’t scare you and your significant other, prepare your travel pillow and get ready for a lit holiday!


Italy has always been one of the best locations for lovers since… ever. Rome, in particular, could be the absolute best pick for a very romantic escape, as its architectural masterpieces are unique and must be seen at least once. Rome is also quite cheap, especially if you’re planning on staying outside the extremely busy city centre. I would personally advise you not to go in August, though, as it’s extremely hot!


Konnichiwa, arigato! Japan is a majestic destination for a couple who wants to go and enjoy the Asian culture without forgetting about the flashiness of their anime and manga-based streets. Tokyo is incredibly expensive either when considering the flight itself and, most importantly, the cost of hotels (in general) and the cost of living. With this being said, no other place in the world is really comparable to this amazing city and, even if a bit money-heavy, it will most likely be one of the best experiences of your life.


Nothing really beats a tropical paradise for a couple’s holiday. Everywhere in Hawaii is a great pick, so there’s really nothing much to say about it, but a recommendation for what concerns the (most likely) painful internal flight would be grabbing a comfortable outfit and a trusted travelling pillow (because you’ll never know what’s going to happen). Once this small obstacle is surpassed, then, you are ready to enjoy your pina colada under the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever witnessed.