3 Reasons To Visit Bald Head Island, NC

Bald Head Island is an often overlooked but charming vacation destination on the barrier islands that form the Outer Banks, just off the coast of North Carolina. It is only accessible by ferry and ATV and has less than 200 residents. With such a low population, there is plenty of room for visitors to come and enjoy this serene meeting of beach and forest. Here are just three reasons to make a visit to Bald Head Island your next vacation location.

Soothing Tranquility

The local mode of getting around is the electric golf cart. The absence of traffic and car sounds really adds to the relaxing atmosphere of Bald Head Island. As if the beaches weren’t inviting and tranquil enough already, the loudest sounds you’re likely to hear are the crashing waves and the occasional seagull trying to steal your sandwich. You can rent places to stay close to the … Read More